Cincinnati Treasure Hunts
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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
Here's some tips and suggestions for first timers:

> Some of the clues telling you where to go can be quite long and have multiple steps. Listen or read to the whole thing before setting out, then take it a little at a time

The quizzes or riddles may be too difficult for young children.  However,  so they aren't overshadowed by their older brothers or sisters, you can often make up a "Little Kids" question on the spot. Ask very simple "I Spy...", "Can you find the...?", "What color is...?", or "How many ...... are there" type questions.  

> Just to pass on one important input from other parents, when they first started the hunt they remarked they couldn't help blurt out the answers and lead the way.  Just parental habit taking over. Bad parent! Relax. Let the kids take the lead -  but you seriously need to keep on your toes or you'll get lost as many of the clues can be tricky and challenging to even adults. 

> Make it a real outing by going some where afterwards to have lunch or dinner or just something to drink. It's a lot fun to sit afterwards with the kids or your date and talk about your shared adventure!

> The treasure at the end of our hunts is the answer to the mystery question posed at the beginning. However, you can make your own treasure by bring along candy bars or something to give out as a "prize" if you reach the end.

 > If you have a birthday or some special occasion, contact us and we can see about having a special greeting to the guest of honor recorded for your hunt. Just write to make arrangements.