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Cincinnati Treasure Hunts
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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
Eden Park Hunt
.... a quest that leads you to the most romantic spot in beautiful Eden Park. 
Downtown Hunt
Spring Grove Cemetery
Cincinnati Art Museum
OTR Hunt
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The Treasure Hunts
CLICK a photo or title below to get full details on starting location, parking, bathroom availability, handicap and stroller friendliness, etc.! 
Think you know the biggest name in the music industry to ever come out of Cincinnati? I bet you don't!! 
...sends you on a adventure to find the richest man who ever lived in Cincinnati. 
Did you know there is kind of "Secret Chamber" in the Cincinnati Art Museum? Come along with us (and stay warm!) to discover its location!

(Note: So as not to disturb other patrons, this hunt  is not audio narrated but read only and it's strongly recommended to keep group size to 4. Please also bear in mind that although we  try to check 1x a month, the Museum will change or remove a work we highlight or used in the hunt. If you think that happened, please do us a favor and let us know if something is missing! 

Did you know Cincinnati is the birthplace of one of the most well known and famous compositions  in American musical history? You've heard it probably a dozen times before but go on this hunt and you'll discover - and hear -  for yourself Cincinnati's unique contribution to America's musical legacy ! 

The Great Mt. Adams Mouse Hunt!

Our newest hunt is a little more light hearted and frivolous than our other hunts. Seems Fr. Quinn's pet mouse Clarence has gone missing and he needs your help in getting him back safe!