Cincinnati Treasure Hunts
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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
HELP!!! Father Quinn has lost track of his pet mouse Clarence...or maybe that mischievous little mouse decided to do some exploring on his own! Either way, Father Quinn needs your help to track him down and get him back safe before it's too late because remember, wherever there are cute little mice...there are sure to be big mean cats too!!!
The Great Mt. Adams Mouse Hunt...
Mt. Adams Hunt Details
Duration is at least  1 hour and easily longer depending. 
You can park on the street but it's not always easy to find an open spot. There is a garage open to the public in the large brick building on the right coming up St. Gregory. 
Nearby Restaurants
The Professor's favorite spot for lunch is the Terrace Cafe inside the Art Museum. Highly recommend.

The Mt. Adams Tavern is also open during the day for lunch.

There is a McDonald's and Skyline on Victory Parkway about a 10 minute drive away. Go past the Krohn Conservatory, past the Ohio River Overlook Park and around 2 big curves and you will see them shortly thereafter at the intersection with McMillan Ave. 

Start Point
Father Quinn will be there to meet you at the corner of Pavillion and St. Gregory Streets.
Spot C is the Ohio River Overlook /Twin Lakes Park up from the Conservatory on Victory Parkway. Besides plenty of tables, it has a playground as well.  

Picnic areas
Why not have a picnic in Eden Park before or after? There are several nice picnic spots with tables  near the Krohn Conservatory (see map below). 

Spot A is just behind the Conservatory itself and usually no one is there if you would like a quiet atmosphere.

Spot B has a great view of the river. You can walk up the colored stairs from the Conservatory parking lot to get there or you can drive there by turning left at St. Paul's Drive and going around the red Water Tower. 
Note: The path for this hunt can take you up some steep steps and inclines. Not recommended with a stroller!
No public bathrooms but if worse comes to worse, you can always buy a cup of coffee at the UDF to use theirs.