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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
Secret Santa Christmas Gift Certificates 
2 Hunts for $15.00!

Congratulations, you have successfully found your way to the Secret Santa Christmas Gift Certificates page.
 To purchase, click the BUY NOW button below!

For the recipient to redeem and make use of the gift certificate, they simply put in the 100% OFF Code on the payment page when booking their hunt and they will not be charged. Very simple! The code will be set as the first part of your e-mail address before the @ mark plus the number 100. For example, if your email were 'jsmith22@gmail", the redemption code will be "jsmith22100". Therefore, please be very careful to write your email correctly. 

You can print out the Certificate like the one you see here. It folds into thirds to make a nice way to present.  Please write the code and the number of hunts it is good for on the bottom so the recipient knows.

These gift certificates do not expire, we will honor as long as we are in business!  

Paypal is our credit card processor but you do NOT need a Paypal account to make payment. On next page, you will see where you can pay as a guest with your debit or credit card as usual. 
Well done! You found it!