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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
Cancellation Policy
We are always easy to work with and you may cancel anytime up until the time of your booking. We will send you a 100% OFF code that will allow you to reschedule at no charge. Please contact Professor Hunt's assistant Joseph directly at 859-620-3331 to arrange. 
Rained Out 
If your hunt is "rained out', please write 


and let us know and we will send you a 100% OFF code for use later that allows you to reschedule at no charge. 

Maximum Group Size
Our rule is that the maximum number of persons that can go out at one time is 7 persons. Actually, the smaller, the better. This is because with too large groups, you will find some persons tend to "get left out" and end up just following along.

If you have a larger size group  say of 6 or 7,  you MAY break it up into two groups and not need to pay for another booking IF the 2nd group leaves within no more than  15 minutes after your scheduled start time. We set this rule so that should another group have scheduled to follow right after you, they should not have to worry about catching up and running into you. You can also check if there is another group scheduled after you at anytime by going to the website and clicking the "Book a Hunt" button. 

> The hunts are self guided with the clues accessed on your smart phone. However, we have you book a reservation so     you will have the "course" to yourself and avoid bumping into another group. Times are every half hour. Generally     from October ~ March we make the latest booking time 3:30 simply so it doesn't get dark on you. However, if you want     to start later than that, just book the latest time available and go when you want. 
> The cost is $20.00/a family or group of up to 7 persons. If more than 7, please split and make 2 back to back bookings.     It's OK to split one group of 6, 7, etc into 2 smaller groups (for example, 3 people and 4 people) if you like without     needing to pay for or book another time as long as the 2nd group leaves within 15 minutes of the first. 
> When ready, click the Book Now button to the right. 
> You will be sent a confirmation email right after booking. If you do not get this, you need to contact us!     
> 3 hours before your reserved time on the day of your hunt, you will receive a 2nd email. This email will have a link that     will launch your hunt.
> You can forward on that email to others in your group so that they can follow along on their phone as well.
> Be aware if you book at the last minute, it can take some time (as long as 20 to 30 minutes) for the system to send out      the emails. We suggest you call Prof Hunt's assistant Joseph directly at 859-620-3331 and he can send them manually.

Special Requests?
If you have a special request, I can possibly customize your hunt with special clues or even a personal greeting to your guest of honor such as for a child celebrating a birthday, etc. Please write at least a week ahead of time to  
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