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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...
Did you know that there is a kind of "Secret Chamber" in the Cincinnati Art Museum??? Very few people know about it... but for those who follow the clues and solve the riddles successfully, its location will be revealed in the end!

Important Note: This hunt does not have an audio narration button unlike the other hunts. It is read only so as not to disturb the other patrons and we strongly recommend you keep your group size to 4 max because you will be gathering around in front of different works on display. 

Taking place inside a building, the Art Museum hunt has less of a "hunt" element to it than the other hunts that take place outdoors. The emphasis is more on the challenge of the trivia questions and quizzes. If you are a frequent patron of the museum and know it well, you might already know of what we call the "Secret Chamber" so hope you are not disappointed! 

Also please bear in mind the Museum changes works on display so occasionally a work we highlight or use in the hunt can not be found for that reason. Please let us know if something is gone and thanks for your undestanding ahead of time!
The Secret Chamber at the Cincinnati Art Museum!
Duration is at least  1 hour and easily longer depending. 
Parking is now free in the Museum's lots. 
itself and usually no one is there if you would like a quiet atmosphere.

Spot B has a great view of the river. You can walk up the colored stairs from the Conservatory parking lot to get there or you can drive there by turning left at St. Paul's Drive and going around the red Water Tower. 

Spot C is the Ohio River Overlook /Twin Lakes Park up from the Conservatory on Victory Parkway. Besides plenty of tables, it has a playground as well.  

Nearby Restaurants
The Professor's favorite spot for lunch is the Terrace Cafe inside the Art Museum. Highly recommend.

The Mt. Adams Tavern is also open during the day for lunch.

There is a McDonald's and Skyline on Victory Parkway. Go past the Krohn Conservatory and around the big curve past the Ohio River Overlook park and you will see them shortly thereafter at the intersection with McMillan Ave. 

Start Point
A boy from Italy will be outside to greet you with open arms. Please meet there. (And no, we are not telling a lie!) 

Handicap Entrance & Start
Is located at the Dewitt Entrance. Pull into the entry drive, go past the guard booth, pass up the main parking lot, go around the main entrance, past another parking lot, and then you will 
Picnic areas
Why not have a picnic in the park before or after? There are several nice picnic spots with tables  near the Krohn Conservatory (see map below). 

Spot A is just behind the Conservatory 
see the Dewitt entrance with lots of handicap parking when the road becomes one straight lane. 

After going in, there is an elevator to your left. Go up to the 1st floor, take a left when you exit, proceed straight (thru the Great Hall and black Icoms of the Museum Hall) till you reach the entrance desk. You can start the hunt from there with the Intro. Just be aware that the Intro to the hunt will refer to being outside but as you continue to read it, you will see that everyone is directed to go inside and the first clue for everyone begins inside at the entrance. where you are at. 
Cincinnati Art Museum  Hunt 2 Details (note that admission to the museum is always free so there are no extra charges. Parking is free as well