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Professor Arthur Hunt presents...

Like to take walks? Enjoy solving riddles? Learning about local history? Looking for a great date idea or  just a way to get your children outside? Then you will love Cincinnati Treasure Hunts! 

My hunts are self guided hunts you do on your smart phone, narrated by yours truly. Each starts off with a mystery question. Follow the clues successfully and you'll be brought to the spot where the answer lies! At stops along the way though, you will be challenged with riddles, trivia questions, and "I Spy" challenges. Each hunt typically has about 15 such stops before you get to the end!

There are 6  hunts currently available - one in Eden Park, one in Spring Grove Cemetery,  one Downtown, Cincinnati Art Museum, Over the Rhine, and our newest hunt takes place in Mt Adams. Click a photo on the map or "The Hunts" button above to get the details on each. 

The cost is $20.00 /family, group up to 7 persons.

So, good luck and good hunting!

Arthur Hunt

Prof. Arthur S. Hunt III
For lovers of mystery, history, trivia, and adventure!


Take a listen to the riddle you are challenged with by Clue 9 in "The Quest for the Most Romantic Spot in Eden Park" Hunt when you come to the spot in your hunt where this photo was taken over 100 years ago!
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"This was great! Not too challenging that we got frustrated, but not too simple. We had a wonderful time."

- Angela T.    

While those around us were searching for Pokemon we were having a blast following the clues. We may have been challenged in the beginning but we soon got into the swing of the hunt. 

This was the first visit for many in my group so it was great to introduce this place with a fun and educational activity. There is so much more to see that I hope you add another hunt to your selection

Thank you for a great afternoon with friends.

- Linda C     

We had a blast! Great clues and the secret room was amazing.  

- Shannon B                              

Loved it!

- Tara H.

We had a great time! We did one hunt each. It took us about 1.5 hours. One group was on a mission! The other Team meandered a bit. So fun! Great day! I will definitely be doing the other hunts when the weather warms up."

- Erica N.

We tried this one and also one by Wacky Walks and your hunt was soooooo much better! 

- Andy S.

"The treasure hunt was so much fun!  Although we have been going to Eden Park for 20 years, I saw parts of it today I had never seen. Thank you. Next is the treasure hunt for downtown. Until then, Professor Hunt."

- Barb D

Our family had a great time on the downtown hunt!

- Sara L. 

We took three 10 year olds on our adventure this morning. None of us had ever been to Spring Grove Cemetery. It was beautiful! The clues were clear and not too easy and we enjoyed learning about famous cincinnatians. It was peaceful and not crowded so we did not feel rushed. Would love to try a different location when my sister comes to town!

- Heather B. 

We had an absolute BLAST!!!!!!!!! I was in a group that did the OTR hunt and I couldn’t have asked for a better time! It’s safe to say that all of us (both OTR and Downtown tour) learned A LOT about our great city that we never knew! 

- Constance Z.

Hi there! Loved the hunt! We had a blast and learned lots! Overall, fantastic experience! Thanks a bunch. (:

- Katie M. 

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that we did the Spring Grove Cemetery Hunt on Sunday and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for all the interesting information on a true Cincinnati Treasure!

-Joyce J.

This was awesome! We had a great time. It was just enough and kept the kids engaged. My 12 year old actually said this is interesting!

- Tracy B. 

Amazing time! 

-TIffany L.

We loved the Eden Park hunt! Our 2 kids really enjoyed themselves also!

- Amy D.
"Great fun!"

- McGinty Family                                                                      

"It was great!! We will definitely do another hunt and tell our friends about it."

- Mike K.

"Loved the hunts!"

- Karen W.

 took my girlfriend on the treasure hunt at the Cincinnati Art Museum because she is all about that kind of stuff. It was fantastic! The Hunt took us all around the art museum, and was a great, unique way to take in the museum in a really fun manner. Had a great time 

- Jim S. 

My husband and I completed the treasure hunt at Spring Grove Cemetery. It was wonderful! We really enjoyed the bits of history that were incorporated in the hunt!! We hated to see it end, as there are so many other famous Cincinnatians buried there. Hopefully, the hunt can be extended at some point or alternative hunts developed for that location. These treasure hunts are a great idea for exploring the Queen City

- Julie S. 

It was awesome. I learned so much even though I have been to the art museum several times before.

- KW

We had a wonderful time!!! I was telling a colleague about it today, and they are pysched to try it too!

- Sandy F.

A neat adventure.

- Pamela C.

Fabulous!! So much fun. Learned some fun, interesting facts! 

- Chelsey W.

Hi! My son and I did the treasure hunt at Spring Grove Cemetery and we had a great time! We spent more than 2 hours exploring the beautiful grounds and following clues. I would definitely do it again. It's a great bonding experience! 

- Elizabeth L.

Had a great time with the family- 

- Bob T.

"!"So fun! Perfect way for my son and I to spend a day off of school what a lovely lovely treasure hunt!

- Charlotte H.                                                                       

My family completed the Spring Grove hunt earlier this afternoon - it was a lot of fun! We learned a few interesting things and enjoyed walking around the beautiful monuments. This was a good one for our 4th-grade daughter, and excellent for avoiding traffic and crowds while appreciating the outdoors. We really liked it! Thanks for offering this opportunity during the Great Outdoor Weekend - we will certainly become customers for your other hunts!

- Amber H. 

Lots of fun! My kids said to make it longer!

- Karen S. 

It was quite fun. Learned a lot about that area that I didn't know and more about things I had heard about here and there.

I hope professor will continue creating new hunts. They are super fun. :) I've told all my friends and plan to get some gift certificates for Christmas gifts.

- Tiffany L. 

It was so much fun! I saw more of the art museum than I ever have before!

- Karen W.

We had a great time!

- Katie S.

​We had a really fun time! We look forward to doing the other hunts.

- Cara P. 

We did the Eden Park treasure hunt last summer and had a blast! This is such a creative and fun idea!

- Amy R.

We all had so much fun on the downtown hunt! 

- Breanna K.


We just finished the hunt at Spring Grove. It was awesome! Even with the rain, it was so much fun. We learned so much about the Cincinnati area. I cannot wait to do the next one!! 

- Randi

Fun hunt with shops and restaurants along the way. Great customer support!

- Julie M. 

It was great! Loved learning about the history of the some of the pieces! Took my friend from Louisville on it and we loved it! 

- Julie M. 

Really enjoyed the hunt! I’ve lived down the street for 5 years and learned things I’ve never known!


It was a lot of fun! For people not familiar with the park, it's a nice challenge, and we enjoyed learning park history and hearing the love story.

- Allison E.

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